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Privacy Policy

Columbia House Deals is very concerned with the privacy of our users. Columbia House Deals does not directly sell services, nor handle subscription. We are simply a service that reviews and promotes services. If you have issues with a company that is featured on this site, then you must contact that company directly.

We Are Concerned With Your Privacy

Please know that we do not collect any personal information unless you submit it through our contact form. We do not share or sell any information. Web log statistics are collected and analyzed collectively.


Our site only uses cookies to collect web site statistics. These collect no personal information and are not shared. They are only used collectively to help us determine how users navigate our site, and how we can possibly make a better user experience.

Our partners, and sites we link to may use cookies to track which offer you selected. Some offers are only available through certain links, and if you decide to sign up at a later date, then the cookie remembers which deal you were interested in. This is for your benefit. Cookies can not execute any programs, and are not viruses or harmful to your computer in any way.

Personal Information

At this time, we do not collect personal information of any kind for marketing purposes. The only information we collect is your email address when you use our contact form. This is only used to reply to your emails with the appropriate information you requested. Once your issue is resolved, the information is deleted from our system and is not used for any other purposes. Any other information that may be disclosed to us through our contact form is also help in strict confidence and is not share or sold.

Partner Sites

The web sites and services that Columbia House Deals links to our considered by us to be trustworthy and reputable. They each have their own privacy policy of how they treat your information. You will want to read their terms and conditions on their web site if you are concerned.