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Above are our featured 5 star DVD Rental Services. Blockbuster Online, Netflix & DVD Avenue have been the leading DVD sites with millions of members and years of time tested customer satisfaction. Get these great deals by clicking on the links above, or get more information by scrolling down.
Offer Summaries:

6 Plans from $5.99 - $23.99 Free / 1-2 Days Never 1 Free Each Month. (In-Store) No 1 Month Free Trial & 2 Free In-Store Rentals Every Month.

We have to give Blockbuster 1st place due to the ability to exchange dvds in the store. No other service has this.

5 Plans from $4.99 - $23.99 Free / 1-2 Days Never Not Available No 14 Day Free Trial.

We also gave Netflix 5 stars. Netflix offers great service and had pioneered the DVD rental industry.

4 Plans from $9.99 - $24.95 Free / 1-4 Days Never Yes Yes No Promotions At This Time

While delivery times may be longer for your area, all plans include movies (adult also), and game rentals.
DVD Clubs For Purchasing. (Not Rental Services)

None Postage N/A N/A N/A 5 DVDs For $.49 Each + Free Shipping

This is a great deal for DVDs. Get 5 DVDs For $.49 Each + Free Shipping. Just buy 5 more over the next 2 years at regular price.

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Why Online DVD Rentals?

Online DVD movie rentals provide us with easy access to the movies we love most. Action films put us on the edge of our seats, comedies make us laugh with red faces, and thrillers terrify us and then make us laugh at ourselves for covering our eyes. No matter what your favorite movie genre is, if you love to rent movies frequently, then you most likely want the best deals you can find, right?

We have all experienced the chaotic excitement of a Friday night at the local video store. After making your way down the crowded aisles, the newest releases you were hoping to see are all checked out. Then, after you reluctantly decide on an alternative pick, you stand in an endless line to the register and pay five dollars for a movie you only kind of wanted to see.

The brilliant concept of online DVD movie rentals has created a new world for movie lovers. This is a world without long lines, overpriced movies or a shortage of the hottest releases. All you need is your computer, internet access and your love for watching great films.

We have brought to you information on the best online DVD movie rental companies out there. Take a look at our top choice, Blockbuster Online. You can also compare Blockbuster's services with other choices such as Netflix, right here on our site. Currently, Blockbuster Online provides members with unlimited rentals and two free in-store rental coupons. No other online DVD rental service can come close to such great deals.

Best Online DVD Rentals

We find you the best available deals for your favorite services. For online DVD rentals, Blockbuster Total Access currently offers the best deals. When you order from Blockbuster Online, you pay one flat monthly rate and rent as many movies as you want throughout each and every month of the year. There are no due dates, late fees or rental extension fees to worry about.

Blockbuster Total Access offers several monthly rental options, which range from $9.99 to $47.99 a month. The most popular choice is the $17.99 a month package, which allows you to order three DVDs at a time. Currently, the first month for the $17.99 plan is offered to new members for $9.99. You have access to unlimited rentals for the duration of each month, and a new movie is sent to you each time you return one of your current rentals.

Blockbuster has always been known for its great variety of movie selections. The online service is no exception. You can search for your favorites by category such as genre (i.e., horror, comedy, drama, action/adventure, etc.) or by type (i.e., independent, children's or documentary).

Each of the main categories has sub-categories to search through to help you find the specific films you are looking for. For example, if you are searching for the horror film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, you may find it in the Alien Invasion or Sci-Fi sub-categories under Horror. In addition to the user-friendly Blockbuster Online web site and the affordable monthly rental rates, Blockbuster Total Access gives members two in-store free movie rental coupons per month. Sign up today to start taking advantage of these amazing deals!