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Netflix Review
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Netflix Streaming Review

Netflix have employed the latest technology when it comes to their services. While searching for the favorite series, it is now possible to get more than just the selected title. You get provided with links. These would let you be able to check out the profiles of the cast director including a list of other movies they have been involved with. You also get to view other details such as subtitle languages, or even the movie format. You will like using this service to plan your weekend movies such that they fit your free time. You might prefer long movies when you have friends with you, which is exactly what you will get since you can check the movie duration before you queue it.

The separation of the DVD service from the video streaming service might have been a good move for the Netflix management but that is as far as it goes. Before this separation, it was possible to watch online video streaming and still rent DVDs at a fixed rate of $7.99 in a month. To receive the same service now would cost twice as much. This would be $7.99 for rental and $7.99 for streaming services. The streaming servicealso seems to have slowed down since the separation. This is a bit of a turn off since everyone was used to having both at lower costs.

The watch instantly feature is welcome since it is clear, fast and easily accessible and in a variety of ways. The feature is able to stream movies and documentaries and they show straight away on your device. The greatest thing about this feature is that it streams according to your internet bandwidth. For 6Mbps, you get to watch the movies in 720 or even 1080 high definition with stereo. You also get to watch the videos on a fast player with high quality of sound and video. This service is the one that makes Netflix to shine in this industry.

The streaming feature is the most accessible you will see. You get to watch your favorite videos in devices that suit you. These devices include:

  • Mac laptops
  • Televisions that are connected to the internet
  • Window
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Xbox 360
  • PS3
  • iPad
  • IPod touch
  • IPhone
  • Some android phones
  • Apple TV

With so much access, it becomes a matter of choosing the best device to use for the selected video. You might enjoy shorter videos using your hand held devices while long movies may prefer the internet connected television.

The unfulfilling side of this streaming business is the lack of the newest movies and series. You enter and search the latest episode of your favorite series and you just can't find it. This is quite frustrating especially if you have already watched some of the episodes on the DVDs but are unavailable for streaming. The difficulty in downloading these new releases forces you to have to explore the older movies. The collection of these though is wide and full.

The provision of the one month trial service is the deal of the century. You get to watch your streamed videos, rent DVDS and queue your orders for a whole month trial. This allows you to get a feel of how things run in Netflix. You are then able to make a decision on whether it is worth the reference 'best DVD rental service.' From your experience with streaming quality, access and video content, you will be best advised on whether to subscribe.

Netflix DVD Rental Review

As a dedicated and die-hard fan of Netflix, or even a critic, you will have to say that they have done a good job so far. Their provision of online rental services for DVDs has been first class all along. Their streaming service is also up there and is way ahead of Blockbusters. You have to like their services if you have ever tried them although the prices are a bit of a turn off.

When you want to get started, the process of acquiring the membership is fast and easy. All you have to do is visit their webpage and sign up. Their sign up page is relevant and well phrased. Creating your account is also fairy easy when you have signed up. When this is done, all that is remaining is for you to walk through your favorite movies, series, TV shows or documentaries. Adding selected item on your queue is as easy as the other steps. Every aspect of their website is designed to make it simple and relevant.

The process of renting the DVDs is another feature that brings out the seriousness of this company. After watching your favorite and most recent DVD, all you have to do is insert it in the pre-pay envelop and take it to the mail. Two days later and you will be sitting comfortably in your couch watching the next movie in your queue. This way, you will be able to time your weekend movies such that you can receive a new DVD every Tuesday and Friday. The unlimited no of DVDs one can take in a month is a great service although sometimes, especially when you have a lot of free time at home, you will tend to feel limited by having to pick only one movie at a time. The provision on no late fees saves you when you have to attend on an unprecedented business on your normal movie watching sessions. You will be able to attend to your business without panic as the DVD waits for your next free evening.

There are over 100000 different titles of movies, documentaries, series, and TV shows that you can choose from. Searching for your favorite one from this pool is made easier by having a variety of genres and subgenres. There are more than 20 different genres available ranging from horror to romance, documentaries to science fiction. All the recent movies and series are also available. It is rare to search for your eagerly awaited movie only to find it is unavailable.

Netflix DVD rentals have been available to the American public since 1999. The concept of renting movies through the mail for one flat monthly rate sent a surge of both excitement and panic through the movie renting industry. After all, the concept is brilliant. Consumers can rent movies from their home computers, have them delivered to their mailboxes and never pay late fees.

The steps for having access to Netflix DVD rentals are easy. You simply sign up for one of the membership plans, select your movie choices for your online queue, receive the movies in the mail, watch them and then return them in the provided envelope. After you return the movies, your next choices are sent out to you.

With Neflix DVD you can rent unlimited DVD's through the mail for one low price of $7.99 per month.