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BMG Music CD Clubs Transitioning To Columbia House DVD Club
Don't' spend extra time and money shopping for CDs. Do it fast and easy online with BMG Music Clubs, and save time and money! BMG/Columbia House Music Club Offers Two Services. Take advantage of both offers for best deal.
No Longer Accepting New Members!
All CDs $6.99. Shipping Is always Free!
BMG Music Club Highlights:

  • 12 CDs For The Price Of 1!
  • No Contracts Or Commitments. .
  • Huge Selection Of Over 14,000 Titles In All Genres.
  • Daily specials like "Buy 1 CD, Get 3 Free" and discounts of up to 70% off retail price.
  • Opportunities to earn more free music.
  • No-hassle, pressure-free environment combined with low prices distinguishes BMG Music Service as the world's preeminent music club.

  • All CDs Only $6.99
  • Shipping Is ALWAYS Free
  • No Contracts Or Commitments.
  • Huge Selection Of Over 14,000 Titles In All Genres.
  • Opportunities to earn more free music.
  • Every month, yourmusic.com will send you 1 CD from your music queue. (CDs you have pre selected to receive). You also have the ability to purchase unlimited CDs for $6.99, and shipping is free. This is a great deal.
About BMG Music Clubs

Which BMG Music Club Is Best For Me?

If you love music, then you know it is easy to spend several hours shopping for CDs at your local music store. However, unless you are swimming in cash, you probably spend the majority of that time trying to narrow down your choices to one or two because that is all you can afford at the moment. It is for this reason that music enthusiasts have come to love music clubs.

The top music clubs offer members severely discounted prices for CDs, compared to regular retail stores. The most popular, and really the only big contender left, is the BMG music store. BMG has a few different CD clubs that feature a vast array of selections from all music genres. You can just as easily spend hours online shopping on the BMG web site, but instead of purchasing one or two CDs, you can select several. That is time well spent!

There are two major BMG music clubs that both offer outstanding deals to members. The more famous and oldest club is the BMG Music Service. This club allows members to receive 11 free CDs as long as they purchase one at regular price within a year of sign-up. Members must, however, pay shipping costs for each of the CDs they order (including the free ones), which is about two bucks apiece.

A newer music club at the BMG store is Yourmusic.com. This new service invites the public to a no-obligation/cancel-any-time membership where the CDs always cost $6.99. There are no shipping costs, no commitment requirements or price jumps after the initial purchase. BMG's Yoursmusic.com is Columbia House Deals top pick for the best music club deal available! Sign up right away and enjoy your favorite music without hurting your wallet!