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Old & New Columbia House Programs
Columbia House merged with Sony/BMG in 2005.  Columbia House Music Club is now operated by BMG Music, & Columbia House is now exclusively a DVD club.

If you're skeptical about music clubs or have heard of bad experiences in the past, don't be worried. These clubs are totally risk free and what you see is what you get. No strings or contracts.
Get 12 CDs For The Price Of 1. Nothing More To Buy!
Get 3 DVDs For $1 Each! Free Shipping Is Available.
All CDs Only $6.99 Each & Shipping Is Always Free!
Columbia House Clubs Offer Highlights:

  • 3 DVDs for $1 Each!
  • Free Shipping .
  • 10 day Risk Free Trial.
  • Huge selection of over 7,700 DVDs, with 5,500 for less than $20.
  • Monthly specials like - "Get 50% off all DVDs for every one you buy at regular price!"
  • Only commitment is to buy 5 more DVDs over the next year at $19.95 each. (If you decide to keep the service after the 10 day trial)

  • 12 CDs For The Price Of 1!
  • No Contracts Or Commitments.
  • Huge Selection Of Over 14,000 Titles In All Genres.
  • Daily specials like &Buy 1 CD, Get 3 Free & and discounts of up to 70% off retail price.
  • Opportunities to earn more free music.
  • No-hassle, pressure-free environment combined with low prices distinguishes BMG Music Service as the world's preeminent music club.

  • All CDs Only $6.99
  • Shipping Is ALWAYS Free
  • No Contracts Or Commitments.
  • Huge Selection Of Over 14,000 Titles In All Genres.
  • Opportunities to earn more free music.
  • Every month, yourmusic.com will send you 1 CD from your music queue. (CDs you have pre selected to receive). You also have the ability to purchase unlimited CDs for $6.99, and shipping is free. This is a great deal.

Columbia House Reviews

Columbia House DVD Club

Columbia House DVD Club is amazing. If you like to collect DVDs then this is the club for you. The introductory offer of 5 DVDs for $.49 each + shipping will give you the 5 DVDs for a total of $12.40. You then have to but 5 more DVDs from Columbia House over a two year period to satisfy your commitment. Columbia House DVDs start at $19.99 and shipping is $1.99 per DVD If you figure in the entire deal including the 5 DVDs you have to buy over a 2 year period the total is as follows:

5 DVDs at $.49 each = $2.45
Shipping for 5 DVDs at $1.99 each = $9.95 (This brings the total so far to $12.40, or $2.48 per DVDs)

5 additional DVDs at $19.99 each = $99.95
Shipping for 5 DVDs = $9.95 (This brings the total for these five DVDs to $109.90, or $21.98 per DVD)

Now we add the introductory total cost of $12.40 to the duration of membership cost of $109.90 and get a grand total of $122.30. Divide this by the 10 DVDs you now own and the price per DVD = $12.23.

Broken down we can see that this is definitely a great deal. If you buy DVDs in the store, they will likely cost you more than $12.23 each. The columbia house site is also easy to use, and they have a selection of over 7,700 titles. If you plan on buying DVDs over the next 2 years then this service is highly recommended. Just think also how easy it will be to save money buying presents for your loved ones. Columbia House also has specials and sales on DVDs from time to time so there is always a chance to save more. Also, columbia house DVD has more than just movies...you can buy series of your favorite TV programs too!

The ColumbiaHouse.com Web Site

We also found that that Columbiahouse.com was a very easy to navigate and user friendly web site. On the main page, after you sign in, you will see many of the best sellers and new releases. If you don't find what you want there, you can find links to different genres along the left and bottom of the page. There is also a shopping cart that remains on the screen in the upper right hand corner so you can see which items you have chosen so far.

If you happen to be looking for a specific DVD you may use the search option in the upper left corner of the screen. This search box gives you the ability to select title, actor, selection #, or even keyword. After you select the appropriate search criteria from the drop down box, you can type in the word that describes what you are looking for and then click go. The columbia house web site will search it's database for any movies that match those parameters. For instance, if you wanted to find a movie that had Jack Nicholson in it, but you weren't sure of the title name, you could select "actor" from the drop down menu in the search area, and then type in "Jack Nicholson". The search then returns over 40 movies that you can look through that all cast Jack Nicholson!

All in all the web site is very effective in giving you the ability to find the DVDs you want as well as ratings, descriptions, and actors.

BMG Music Service (Old Columbia House Music)

BMG Music Service is a similar offer to the DVD club. This deal is get 12 cds for the price of 1. Once again, there are shipping charges that add up and make the deal more expensive than you would originally think but it is still a great deal per cd.

Shipping cost for 1st cd is $2.69, 2nd is $2.59, and each additional is $2.49. This makes the shipping for 12 cds $30.18.

The price of the 1 cd you must buy will be at least $14.98 at the regular club price. (There are many other deals and sales that you can save a lot of money.)

This brings the total to $45.16 + tax. This = $3.76 per cd! You can't beat that.

As a new bmg member, you will get 7 free cds of your choosing and then you have to buy 1 more within a year to receive 4 more free. After you buy the 1 within a year, your commitment is fulfilled. BMG will periodically send you newsletters describing the current feature cd tailored to your music interests.. If you do not want this cd, you may decline it, or send it back at the clubs expense. There are over 14,000 titles to choose from in categories such as rock and pop, r&b/hip hop, country, jazz, classical, latin, christian, and more.


Yourmusic.com is a relatively new service that is actually owned by BMG. They have the same selection as BMG, but the offer is different. With this service you pay $6.99 per month to be a member, but you receive a cd of your choice every month. The great thing about this service is it is really straight forward. Every cd on the site is $6.99 and shipping is always free! I have bought many cds with this service and will for a long time.

The web site is really easy to use and is similar to BMG's site. The site implements what is called a music queue. What this is is simply a lit of cds pre selected by you that you wish to buy. Once per month, yourmusic will send you the number 1 cd on your list in your music queue. This way you don't have to worry about forgetting to choose a cd each month. There is also a shopping cart in which you can buy as many cds as you want for the same low price of $6.99 and free shipping.

Now if you're really looking for a good deal, then you want to sign up for BMG's "12 cds for the price of 1". If you read the BMG review, you will see that the average price for these 12 cds is $3.76, so get 12 cds for $3.76 each (meaning you've fulfilled your commitment to BMG) and then sign up for yourmusic also to get each future cd for $6.99. You're not going to find a record store with these prices! Also, yourmusic will often run specials and sales so you can save even more.

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