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Columbia House Music Club Is Now BMG Music Services

When you think of CD music clubs, which names come to mind? BMG and Columbia House, right? Can you think of any others? Take a moment . . . Well, you couldn't think of any others, right? That is because these two huge names have completely dominated the music club world for decades. Now, Columbia House has become a part of BMG Direct! With this merger, Columbia House DVD Club continues to dominate the DVD clubs world, but BMG CD music clubs are the only ones left that are worthwhile. Old Columbia House members were migrated to BMG Music.

BMG's two most popular music clubs are the traditional BMG Music Service and the exciting and new Yourmusic.com. We are all familiar with BMG Music Service. After all, this is the CD music club that gives us seven free CDs when we first sign up, and then four more free titles after we purchase one at the regular club price. Now, that is an exciting deal, right?

Well, BMG may have outdone itself, once again! Yourmusic.com still brings to the public over 14,000 music titles to choose from, but they are available at an affordable price ($6.99), always! In the past, some have felt the regular club price disc they are required to purchase is somewhat high ($14.99-$19.99), even when compared to retail prices.

This is one reason our favorite pick for the CD music club offering the best deals is BMG's Yourmusic.com. The CDs are always $6.99, there are no shipping charges and you are under no obligation to buy a specific number of CDs. The prices can never be raised and you can cancel membership at any time! So, take our advice and check out Yourmusic.com right now!