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If you type the words "music clubs or CD clubs" into any major search engine (i.e., Google or Yahoo) online, all of the top hits are for the BMG music clubs. BMG has been the leading CD club for decades. Now that we live in the "Internet Age," no other music clubs can even come close to the great deals, ease, convenience, flexibility and extensive selections offered by BMG clubs.

The BMG music club web sites make browsing and ordering music titles fun and painless. BMGmusic.com is home to the traditional BMG Music Service that is famous for the 12 CDs for the price of one deal. Yourmusic.com is BMG's latest baby and Compare the Best's top pick for the music club with the best deals. Yourmusic.com offers all CDs for the never increasing and very low price of $6.99 each.

At Yourmusic.com, members create a music queue that determines the music selections that will be sent out each month. You can add to, change or shuffle around your queue as much as you like by simply logging on to the site. There is also an option to purchase any CD you want "now" if you do not want to wait for the next month to come along.

The BMG Music Service web site works a little differently. After you have signed up for your induction and received the first free CDs, you can log on and select "yes or no" for each month's featured selection. You can also purchase any CD you want at any time and take advantage of the latest specials, bonus offers and clearance titles. If you want to enjoy the benefits offered by the greatest music clubs online, take our advice and sign up at BMG's Yourmusic.com!