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Aside from eliminating the weekend trip to the local video store, what makes online DVD rental clubs so appealing to countless consumers across the U.S.? "Survey says . . . " internet movie rental clubs save a lot of money. Anytime you rent a DVD at a local store that belongs to a corporate chain, you can expect to spend four or five dollars for each individual movie rental. If you want to rent four movies for the weekend, that will cost you about 20 bucks, right?

Lets take Blockbuster Online for example. When you compare the cost of renting from Blockbuster Online to the cost of renting from your local video store, Blockbuster Online wins, hands down. How, you ask? Well, the online rental club charges one monthly fee instead of a separate price for each movie.

You get to choose the monthly package you want. The most popular is $17.99 a month. This package allows unlimited rentals for the entire month, and you can have three movies out at one time. When you sign up for this package with Blockbuster Online, the first month is FREE. The savings are quite obvious.

In addition to the monthly savings on rental costs, online DVD rental clubs like Blockbuster Online do not charge late fees. There are no due dates, which means you can keep the movies as long as you want without paying for them several times.