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Why Have Online DVD Rentals Become So Popular?

Online DVD rental companies have changed the face of the movie rental industry. When Netflix launched its services in 1999, the company provided a way for everyone to rent DVDs from the comfort of their own homes for one low monthly fee. This concept ignited an uproar in the industry and soon other big companies had to follow in order to keep up with the new demand of flexibility, convenience and affordability.

What is so great about rent DVD by mail services that caused such a pandemonium? Well, imagine your local video store with aisle after aisle lined with movie boxes that are being reached for by several hands at one time. Instead of fighting over the last copy, online DVD rental members are provided with access to thousands of movie titles at all times.

In addition, there are no more due dates, late fees or outrageous charges for each individual rental that you can only have out for one or two days. Online companies like Netflix and Blockbuster Online allow members to create a movie title list called a queue. Members select the movies they want to see, in the order they want them to be mailed out.