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Netflix Vs. Blockbuster

In our opinion, when it comes to online DVD rental companies, the two that lead the pack are Blockbuster Online and Netflix. Both of these companies provide similar services. You simply sign up for an online membership, choose a monthly package, select the movies you want to see and have them delivered to you in the mail.

Simple stuff, right? But, when we evaluate the two companies closely, which one really offers the best service and the best deals? When it comes to selection, both Netflix and Blockbuster Total Access offer over 70,000 titles to choose from. Neither company has restrictions on due dates or charges any kind of late fee and DVD shipping is free. So far, they are tied.

Netflix currently has 35 distributing centers to get the movies out to you and Blockbuster has 30. However, Blockbuster Online lets you exchange DVDs in-store. The monthly package choices for each company are also pretty much the same. The most popular choice is the $17.99 deal that allows you to have three DVDs out at a time and you can rent as many as you wish throughout the month. Blockbuster Total Access currently offers this deal at $9.99 for the first month of membership.

Both Netflix and Blockbuster Online allow you to set up a long queue of your top movie picks. Some members really enjoy searching through the lists of movies and organizing and reorganizing their queue. Sign up for Blockbuster Total Access today and start taking advantage of great offers to get more out of your movie watching experiences!