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RealPlayer And Your iPod

Everyone knows that the iPod has literally taken the world by storm and without question become the most popular and highly in demand portable media player in the world today. Real Player has taken the success of the iPod and integrated this into their latest Real Player version, RealPlayer 11 Plus. With this version of Real Player you are given the ability to transfer each and every one of your media files, music, video or games to your iPod. The only other advanced media player that can conduct this same feature is of course iTunes and many people do not like to transfer their files to iTunes once they have already become accustomed to RealPlayer features and high quality. 

Although iTunes and Real Player have become very strong competitors, many media fans today are choosing RealPlayer over iTunes because of the many different and convenient features Real Player offers their users today. Many media consumers were completely blinded by iPods and iTunes in the beginning and without a second thought abandoned media players like RealPlayer to test out what Apple had to offer. Apple knew what they were doing with their mass advertising and marketing campaigns and making new iPod owners feel they had to use iTunes to download, purchase and transfer their music. What many speculators are saying is that Apple was not only looking to increase their iPod sales but their MAC sales as well in the process, which they have accomplished.

The difference between the beginning of the iPod surge and today is that RealPlayer has taken a step back and completed a huge remodel of their media player to step up to this large competitor and take them by storm. RealPlayer has completely upgraded their media system from what used to be popular to what is going to be popular in the future. This new upgrade has taken out the other competitors like Quick Time and Windows Media Player because these two media players do not accept all media streams for upload and transfer and do not offer the ability to transfer your files directly to your iPod. 

With so many changes made to Real Player you can be sure that iTunes has been working diligently on their own upgrades to make their media player that much more user friendly for beginners as well as professional media users. There are no doubts that Real Player and iTunes will continue to battle for the number one rated media player spot in the eyes of consumers today. RealPlayer has been attracting new customers for many years with their constant upgrades and their affordable if not free downloads which make for a great media player for beginners and professionals alike. The many different technical attachments and bonus programs which are constantly associated with Real Player make consumers choose what they can get the most from and today that is still RealPlayer. 

Now that you can transfer your files instantly with one simple click to your iPod, why not choose RealPlayer and enjoy all the features they offer at affordable prices.