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Real Player With SuperPass

Real Player has just recently released their newest media subscription to the world, the Super Pass. Right now this Super Pass is offered as a free 14 day trial with the latest RealPlayer 11 version download. The Super Pass is an amazing media bundle that that not only help you protect your media but help you organize it as well. This subscription service is available for $14.99 per month and this package offers over $90 of value. The Super Pass can only work with the RealPlayer Plus 11 download which will cost you another $29.99 but this is a one time fee and a fee that is well worth it.

Some of the features you can expect to experience and enjoy with Super Pass include:

• One free monthly game download

• $10 of monthly song downloads from the Real Player music store

• Real Player Plus 11

• Full length online movies available for download

• Premium videos: CBS Big Brother, National Geographic, BBC, etc

• 2GB of online backup storage for your photos and videos

• Internet security software: spyware, firewall, popup blocker, virus protection, etc

• Free magazine subscription of your choice (print)

• Online premium radio

• Sporting news radio

• The weather channel

• iFilm: enjoy short films, movie trailers, previews and more

As you can see Real Player has spared no expense in creating the ultimate media bundle to make sure that your Real Player experience is nothing less than premium. Just from the listing of features above it is clear to see that this bundle is worth over $90 per month and RealPlayer is only charging $14.99 which makes this an affordable way to take advantage of cutting edge technology and make sure your PC and media files are well protected with top of the line internet security software.

Every computer needs competent internet security software and the truth is the more you download the more vulnerable your computer becomes. Real Player wants to help make sure that you do not experience hacker situations and your media library is kept safe while at the same time it does not corrupt other areas of your PC. RealPlayer has been known to only provide premium downloads but downloading from the internet can be risky no matter where or how you do it. This is perhaps the most sensible and popular feature of the Super Pass because internet security software can be quite expensive on its own, not including the dozens of other features RealPlayer provides you with.

You can bet that Real Player will continue to update and perfect the Super Pass to make sure that you are always receiving the best of the best technology available and are not missing out on any new updates or media advances. What Super Pass offers right now can be found nowhere else and is an incredibly affordable way to keep up to date on current events, enjoy your personal media tastes all while keeping your PC safe.