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I have a dream, it's a dream of a place that gamers can rent from, where late fees don't exist, there are hundreds of games to choose from and it's close to where I live. Unfortunately that place does not exist in the 21st century. If I want to rent video games I have only two options. I can either subscribe to an online rental place or go to my local video store that has games to rent and personally I don't like either of those choices.

The online video game rental guru Gamefly has a lot to offer, but what if I don't have a credit card? Then I'm forced to go to my local Blockbuster or Hollywood video where the selection is slim to none. If I want to purchase a video game I can go to almost any retail store, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Toys R' Us and don't forget the game stores like Gamestop and Gamecrazy. Buying a game is so easy, renting one, not so much.

So I have this dream, maybe one day someone will read this and my dream will come true, but until then…I'm just lost in a gamer's fantasy.

Imagine this if you will, a store full of video games that you could rent. The store would have a tremendous selection of games covering all of the current gaming consoles out there. Just picture it, you run over the Xbox360 section to see if the new release of Rainbow Six is out and boom there it is right on the shelf, available for rental. There would be multiple options for renting such as monthly plans and pay per rentals. Along with the rentals there would be a used game section where customers could trade and buy used games. On the other end of the store I would have a snack section, where you could pick up soda, chips, candy and cookies. The entire store would be dedicated to rental gaming, and it would be lovely. I might even add in some old school Neo Geo arcades, just for nostalgia.

One would think that a store like this would already exist, and maybe it does but not in the US. There is such a need for video game rentals, and yet I don't see any new chains opening up. Of course with more rental options, gaming stores like Gamestop might lose business but us gamers would sure be happy! The video game industry is huge and companies everywhere are competing to put out the best gaming console and games, but where is the competition for gaming rental?

It's hard to tell where the future of gaming is going. I'm sure more online rentals like Gamefly will open up with even better and faster service, but in store rentals seem like a dying trend. If your reading this and happen to have millions of dollars and decide to jump on my idea, please remember me and set me up with a free lifetime membership!