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Real Player Download Options

Real Player has become such a popular media download today that they now offer several different types of downloads to accommodate each and everyone looking to use media at their own levels and through their own different technical skills. This means that no matter what type of computer system you are currently using RealPlayer offers the proper download option to accommodate you and your system. There are many media programs on the market today but not all of them offer as many different download options as Real Player.

The newest version of Real Player is the RealPlayer 11 and within this new advanced version of Real Player there are 5 different download options for you to choose from.

° Real Player Basic (Free): This free version of RealPlayer is a great way to test out Real Player and learn how it works before investing in one of the more advanced versions. If you are new to the media download world, the Real Player Basic version is the best option for you. You will still receive all the necessary features to explore and use RealPlayer to its full capacity but because it is a free version you will be missing out on some of the state of the art features that come with the higher level packages.

° Real Player Plus Gold (Free): This premium version of Real Player comes with a 14day free trial of Super Pass to help you learn just what RealPlayer has to offer. With this version of Real Player you have compatibility with your iPod along with advanced CD burning features and video options to help you utilize your favourite media to its full potential.

° Real Player Plus ($29.99 one time fee): This version of Real Player literally offers you the best of the best and all the advanced and new features the Real Player Network has been working to perfect. This RealPlayer 11 offers extreme high quality video viewing, turbo loading for your video clips and advanced CD burning options to help you create unique and professional sounding CDs.

° Real Player for MAC Systems (Free): Real Player recognizing the MAC users of the world today and therefore has created an effective and state of the art media program to install on each and every different MAC version available today.

° Real Player for Linux (Free): Lastly, RealPlayer has created their newest media version for Linux users as well. This way no one misses out on their advanced and user friendly media system.

Thanks to Real Player you now have all the necessary options you need to make an informed decision regarding your media usage and have the ability to upgrade your Real Player system at any time. With the basic download you can get to know how RealPlayer works and within no time at all you will be ready to upgrade to take advantage of all that the full version has to offer.