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Columbia House DVD club
  • 3 DVDs For $1 Each! (+Shippping)
  • Choose a 4th DVD For Only $9.95 + Free Shipping
  • Choose From Thousands of DVDs
  • Access The Newest Titles
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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BMG/Columbia House DVD Club Summary
Offer Get 3 DVDs for $1 each plus a 4th DVD for only $9.95 plus shnipping. (4th DVD optional)
Cost See the review below for detailed pricing information.
Commitments By joining, you agree to buy 3 more DVDs (2 more if you choose an 4th for $9.95 at sign up) over the next year.
Selection Columbia House DVD club offers all movie genres along with TV series DVDs also.
Sample Items Fast Five, Zookeeper, Bad Teacher, Captain America: The First Avenger, Green Lantern, Horrible Bosses, and many more!
BMG/Columbia House DVD Club Cost Breakdown

Columbia House DVD Club is amazing. If you like to collect DVDs then this is the club for you. The introductory offer of 3 DVDs for $1 each + shipping will give you the 3 DVDs for a total of $5.97. You then have to buy 3 more DVDs from Columbia House over a 1year period to satisfy your commitment. Columbia House DVDs start at $19.99 and shipping is $1.99 per DVD If you figure in the entire deal including the 3 DVDs you have to buy over a 1 year period the total is as follows:

3 DVDs at $1 each = $5.97

3 additional DVDs at $19.99 each = $59.97
Shipping for 3 DVDs = $5.97 (This brings the total for these 3 DVDs to $65.94, or $21.98 per DVD)

Now we add the introductory total cost of $5.97 to the duration of membership cost of $65.94 and get a grand total of $71.91. Divide this by the 6 DVDs you now own and the price per DVD = $11.99.

Broken down we can see that this is definitely a great deal. If you buy DVDs in the store, they will likely cost you more than $11.99 each. The Columbia House site is also easy to use, and they have a selection of over 9,500 titles. If you plan on buying DVDs over the next year, then this service is highly recommended. Just think also how easy it will be to save money buying presents for your loved ones. Columbia House also has specials and sales on DVDs from time to time so there is always a chance to save more. Also, columbia house DVD has more than just movies...you can buy series of your favorite TV programs too!

BMG/Columbia House DVD Club Review


Online DVD shopping at a low rate is definitely a way to get entertained thoroughly. These online stores open the door to huge audience for unlimited entertainment.

Company overview:

Columbia house was introduced in the early 70's and has been showing on and off growth since then. The major competitors for this company are Amazon and Wal-Mart. In the recent times, Columbia house DVD club has lost most of its market share to these companies as they offer similar services without subscription.

Site overview:

The navigation through the site is easy and user friendly and the colors are pleasant and ads free. It is easy to search movies by category and subcategories. Shopping is hassle free as one can also search by name, price, genre etc and add the items selected to the cart. Check- out is a simple 2 step process; payment and shipping address updating. A printable invoice is generated and a copy is emailed.


They have thousands of DVD's in all possible genres. A few are horror, drama, western, television, family, fantasy, live performances, fitness and even foreign movies.

Cost break down:

- Introductory offer is to join by buying 3 DVD at $1 each and then buying 3 DVD's at regular price over the next year.

Special offer:

- Buy an additional DVD for $9.95 and then just have 2 more to buy at regualr price over the next year


When one sign's up, they commit to fulfill the order by purchasing the committed number of DVD over the time period indicated in the agreement. The company sends reminder if the commitment is not fulfilled or overdue and if there is no response, the customer will be charged. The calculation would be number of outstanding DVD by club average DVD price.

Other policies:

Payment: Credit/ debit or PayPal is acceptable. For future purchases the card or account registered with will be charged.

Return policy:

Returns accepted within 45 days from the date of receiving in unused, unopened and new condition. The shipping charge has to be borne by the customer.

Selection process:

Director's selection will be sent on monthly basis. The customer has to review the offer within 10 days and revert back online. If there is no reply, the DVD's in the selection will be automatically sent and account charged.


Overall, this is a recommended site to do DVD shopping by customers who like watching lots of movies, savings money and have a good memory to respond to mailers.

BMG Music Club Is No Longer Accepting New Members And Is Now BMG DVD Club

With the rise of online music downloads and the world moving to digital, BMG is no longer accepting any new members. Columbia House bought BMG a few years back and is now exclusivly a dvd club. BMG DVD club is a great place to find similar deals on dvds as you would expect from BMG music. BMG dvd club has 1000's of great titles, including new releases, to choose from. With the merger, Columbia House DVD Club continues to dominate the DVD clubs world, and BMG music clubs were the only ones left that were worthwhile. Old Columbia House members were migrated to BMG Music.

BMG dvd club is the leading dvd movie club on the web. Retail prices at the store can be a waste of your hard earned money. If you're like me, then you like to collect DVDs. You get special deals and offers all the time from BMG dvd club. It is a great way to grow your collection and to always have fresh DVDs available to you at great prices. If you read the summary above, you can see that BMG dvd club's introductory offer, including all obligations, gives you each DVD for only 11.99.

As you can see, BMG dvd club with Columbia House is a powerfull way to find and shop for all your favorite DVDs. Sign up today!