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They started twenty years ago as just one store that operated in Dallas. Back then, they used to rent films to the citizens of Texas. With years of progressive growth and experience, they now serve with more than 9000 stores, not mentioning the excess of 100000 DVDs that are available for renting online. This is as far as they have come from. Blockbuster total access is the DVD rental service offered by blockbuster besides streaming. They may be second class from Netflix but they have a class of their own when it comes to what they do best, lend you movies.

The number of DVDs available is more than you can watch in a lifetime. All the hottest releases are available even before you can find them in other DVD rental groups. You will be able to find all the latest movies, series, documentaries, and TV shows. You can get them in blu-ray format at zero added expense. You are also able to rent your favorite games on this service. The DVDs are well arranged in more than twenty genres. This gives you ease of locating your favorite movies and series. The genres available here though are not as complete as those of their competitors, especially Netflix. Some genres are not included in the list of those available. This makes it possible to find a movie located in a genre where it does not belong. This is one area that Blockbuster really need to work on.

Blockbuster DVD rental programs are far better than those from their competitors. They offer different types of plans and you get to choose that plan which fits your lifestyle and budget. The various plans available include:$9.99 for 1 DVD each time you rent. You are limited to 2DVDs each month.$11.99 for 1 DVD at a go. You can have unlimited mail rentals.$16.99 for 2 DVDs every time you rent. You get unlimited rentals in the month.$19.99 for 3DVDs at a time. There is no limit to the number of DVDs you rent during the month.

You also get 2-5 in-store exchanges for the above packages. A free trial period of half a month and more than half charges removed for the first two months in each plan are among the benefits you receive.

Total access premium plans are also available where you get to pay a monthly premium of:$21.99 for 1 DVD each time$29.99 for 2 DVDs each time$34.99 for 3 DVDs each time.

The above premiums are inclusive of unlimited number of rentals and in-store rentals in the whole month. With this large pool of plans to choose from, customers are afforded the luxury of making a choice that best suits them. There are no late charges for the rentals which allow you to stay with the rented DVDs as long as you wish.

To get started is not very difficult in this website. Although there is some complicated jargon before you can fully sign up, once you do everything becomes easy. You get to search your favorite movie or documentary from the genres available. You then add this to your list of picks and go one to queue other great DVDs. After watching your DVD at home, you have the choice of inserting it in the prepaid envelop and post it to the blockbuster store. The next DVDs on your queue will be available for you by mail in not more than two days. If you are close to a blockbuster store, you also have the option of taking your DVD there. This activates your next delivery immediately when you deliver the last one to the store. You have to be signed up in this store too for you to enjoy this service. This feature is very popular in the blockbuster total access.

A lot of information is available in the website. You get to find information such as the profile, history and other relevant information about the director of the movie you are searching for. A trailer for the movie is also available, a feature that is not found in the other DVD rental providers. A lot of reviews from people with tastes similar to yours are also available for the movie to help you get a general idea of the movie. Blockbuster total access is recommendable to film watchers of all kinds.