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Columbia House TV
Columbia House TV
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Columbia House TV Summary
Offer Join the Columbia House TV on DVD Club now and get 2 TV DVDs for $9.95 each!
Cost See the review below for detailed pricing information.
Commitments Just buy 2 more TV or movie titles at regular Club prices in the next year (plus shipping and processing and sales tax, where applicable).
Selection Choose from over five decades of TV's best shows. Take your pick from TV's current hit dramas, best comedies and all-time favorite classics.
Sample Items Dexter, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds, NCIS, The Walking Dead, and many more!
Columbia House TV Club Cost Breakdown

- Introductory offer: Buy 2 TV shows DVD's at $9.95 each plus taxes. Free shipping on first order.

- Over the next year, the customer has to buy 2 more TV shows or movies at regular prices to fulfill the commitment.

- A minimum of $19.95 has to be made to be counted a one order or purchase. This is exclusive of shipping and taxes.

- Totally the customer must have made a purchase for $59.80 + shipping and taxes over the period of 2 years with a minimum of 4 DVDs.

Columbia House TV Club Review


Generally, movie clubs and TV on DVD clubs allow the customers to purchase DVDs at decent member rates. TV on DVD clubs is a blessing for people who prefer watching TV shows than movies, without ads and at affordable prices. Columbiahousetv.com is one such TV on DVD online store.

Company overview:

Columbia House TV is part of the Columbia house club which has a long history and has been in this business for more than 40 years now. They are one of the pioneers in this business. This site is dedicated to TV show lovers who can also buy movies if intersted.

Site overview:

Like all other group sites of Columbia house, this site is also simple and easy to navigate. There are no flashy ads that divert the attention. The search could be done with any possible combination and turns out results quickly. On an average 900 people shop for DVD's every day from this site.


'Club house TV' claim to have DVDs of almost all TV shows that has been aired in the past five decades. In addition, the site also has movie DVD's from classics to the recently released ones. They also let the customer pre order movies that have not been released yet.


The agreement indicates that the customer has to buy the committed number of DVDs at the price quoted in 2 years time. The company sends reminder if the commitment is not fulfilled or overdue and if there is no response, the customer will be charged automatically. The calculation would be number of outstanding DVD by club average DVD price (currently $25.25) plus sales tax.


They accept PayPal, credit and debit card payments. For future purchases the card or account registered with will be charged.

Return policy:

Returns accepted within 45 days from the date of receiving in unused, unopened and new condition and they have the rights to reject the return if the DVDs are not returned in acceptable condition. The shipping charge has to be borne by the customer.

Selection process:

A mailer with Director's selection will be sent every month. If the customer is not interested in the selection, they have to update it online. If failed, the DVD's will be sent and account charged.


Columbia house TV is a hassle free online shopping site for people who love to watch TV shows. But, the customer has to be vigilant and pay attention to the mailers and respond in order to avoid getting unwanted DVD's.