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Disney Movie Club
  • 4 Disney Movies For $1.99 Each
  • FREE Shipping On Itroductory Order
  • 5th DVD For Only $14.95
  • 6th DVD For Only $9.95
  • Access The Newest Titles
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Offer Buy 4 Disney Movies For Only $1.99 Each & Shipping Is FREE!
Cost For the introductory offer the cost is $7.96 for 4 movies.
Commitments By purchasing the introductory offer, you agree to buy 5 more DVDs at club price of $19.95 over the next 2 years. You may purchase an additional dvd during your introductory offer that counts toward that 5 for $14.95, and even a 5th for half price of $9.95 + free shipping. See below for more details on cost totals.
Selection Disney's greatest hits - including preschool, live action and animated movies, recent releases, and hard-to-find classics. .
Sample Items Cinderella III : A Twist In Time, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Bridge To Terabithia, Cars, Disney's Little Einsteins: The Legend Of The Golden Pyramid, Chicken Little, Eight Below
Disney Movie Club Review

Whether you have children, or you just love Disney movies, the Disney movie club is for you. The selection is huge, with all the classics you remember as a kid, and all the new ones too. Disney has been the leader in movies of their kind for many years now with no end in sight. Disney movies usually carry a high value, which is why you should join this club as opposed to paying a premium for them in a retail store. (Not to mention you can just shop from the comfort of your own home.) Movies are also available in VHS as well as DVD.

There are a couple of ways to buy your introductory offer:

The base deal is that you get 3 DVDs for $1.99 each with free shipping. The only commitment is that you buy 5 more DVDs at the club price of $19.99 over the next two years. The cost breakdown for this scenario is as follows:

4 DVDs at $1.99 each + free shipping = $5.97
5 DVDs at $19.99 = $99.95
Shipping is $3.95 for the 1st movie and $1.00 for each additional movie in the same order, so shipping for 5 movies will be at least $7.95 (If 5 movies are purchased at once), or $19.75 if purchased separately.

This brings the total cost for 8 Disney Movies to a minimum of $115.86 or about $12.87 per movie, or a maximum of $127.66 or about $14.18 per movie.

To really get the best deal, you have the option of buying a 5th movie at the time of your introductory offer for $14.95 with free shipping, and then a 6th for half price of $9.95 with free shipping. These extra movies count toward your membership commitment, so you'll only be obligated to buy 3 more over the next two years. Here's a breakdown of the total costs.

4 DVDs at $1.99 each + free shipping = $7.96
1 movie at $14.95 with free shipping
1 movie at $9.95 with free shipping
3 movies at $19.95 = $59.85 + $3.95 shipping for 1st movie and $1.00 for each additional. (At least 5.95 if final three are purchased together, or 11.95 if separately.)

This brings the total cost to a minimum of $98.66 (or about $10.96 per movie) or $104.66 (about $11.62 per movie).

As you can see, it is very beneficial to take advantage of the free shipping and discounted movies at the time of membership enrollment. The you play your cards right, you can get 9 Disney movies for only $11 each! That is a great deal.

After your commitment is fulfilled you become a no obligated Disney Movie Club VIP. This means that you get special reserved promotions and discount on future Disney movies.

As a Disney Movie Club member, you will receive a featured selection about once every four weeks. You may decline the featured selection or choose to replace it with an alternate. You are not required to buy the featured selection unless you want to.