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Real Player Plus
  • Works With iPod
  • DVD Burning
  • Advanced CD Burning
  • Graphic EQ and Crossfade
  • Analog Recording
RealPlayer Plus

Real Player has not only created a new and improved version of their already popular media player but they have created a Plus download version as well for those media lovers looking to take their favourite music, videos and games to the next level. This is by far the most advanced premium media player on the market today and for a small one time fee of $29.99 you can own this great media player and have the ability to upgrade as RealPlayer continues to perfect their advanced media technology down the road.

Today you can purchase a free trial version of Real Player Plus and see for yourself just what kind of features you will be missing out on if you choose one of Real Player's competitors or even if you choose the Real Player basic level membership. With this premium media player you can be sure that RealPlayerNetwork has included RealJukebox technology for creating and organizing your MP3 files. RealPlayer is the only media player today which allows you to play and utilize practically all different media streams including Quick Time, Windows Media, MPEG-4 and MP3. This gives you a great deal of creative freedom in relation to your own favourite media and the ability to personalize everything and anything you want within your own Real Player media library.

What has become the most popular feature of Real Player Plus is its ability to connect and transfer your media files to your iPod. As iPods have no doubt become one of the most popular portable media players in the world today, it is not surprising that the top rated online media player, RealPlayer, has taken advantage of this obvious opportunity. This makes it easy for iPod owners to continue using their favourite media player without being forced to switch their media files to iTunes. Next in line behind this feature is the incredibly advanced CD burning options and tools.

Burning CDs is something that has been going on for many years now and Real Player has taken what consumers what and need most in regards to CD burning and incorporated these advanced features in their RealPlayer Plus download. You will have the ability to cross fade and normalize music volume across your CD to create a professional sounding CD that you will love to listen to on a regular basis.

The 10-Band graphic equalizer is attracting attention from media lovers you like to tweak the sound of their music to DJ quality. RealPlayer has quite literally taken what music lovers love most about their favourite songs and created a top of the line media player that gives users complete creative control over their media files and library.

When compared to other media players on the market today, Real Player comes out on top in more ways than one, even in comparison to iTunes. RealPlayer Network has created the one and only media player that is compatible with practically any media stream files which gives you the ability to download and create digital files of all kinds and know RealPlayer with play them with the highest sound and video quality available.

RealPlayer Benefits

Many people are wondering what the benefits of Real Player are in comparison to iTunes or Windows Media Player. It is important to understand the differences between each media player so you know which one is best for you and your current media needs and organizing skills. Take a look at the comparison below to see just what each media player offers and how RealPlayer always comes out on top no matter what you are looking for in a media player.

Real Player

• iPod available transfers
• Advance CD burning with normalizing volume features and cross fading
• Analog recording
• CD ripping
• Equalization features
• User-friendly controls
• Multiple audio formats: audio CDs, MP3s, MPEGs, Sony Memory Sticks and many more
• Album information
• Harmony technology


• iPod transfers
• Organized library
• iTunes Store to buy music, games, videos, TV shows and more
• Album information
• Only compatible with MP3 formats

Windows Media Player

• Syncing capabilities to portable devices (not including iPod)
• Compatible with Windows XP and Vista
• CD ripping
• Burning CD capabilities
• User-friendly
• Video capabilities

After going through each and every one of the top and most popular media players on the market today, you can see that each of them have their similarities and differences and it is exactly these differences and similarities that need to be taken note of before downloading any one of these media players.

As you can see RealPlayer has many of the same features as their competitors but they also have a few features of their own that are turning more heads than iTunes. The fact that Real Player offers media lovers the ability to convert, download and transfer practically any media format available provides a new level of media organization and convenience.

Although RealPlayer is the only one of the three which offers a paid membership plan, many people would rather take the free version of any media player but for those out there who really love technology and want to be creative with their own media files, they choose the paid membership offered by Real Player. They are a company which has been around in the media world for many years and although they do not have high end advertisements and marketing like iTunes and some other media player options they have the high quality technology behind their name.

These benefits of RealPlayer far outnumber the benefits of any other media player available today. They have taken the needs of the consumers and those who love different types of media and create the perfect media panel with easy to use features and controls that make it simple to create professional media projects. If you are looking to create CDs that sound like they were professionally recorded, transfer video and audio files to your iPod and watch the highest quality video you have ever seen online, than Real Player is the option for you.

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